Residential & Commercial Painting Lafayette, IN - Lafayette Roofing & Siding

Residential & Commercial Painting Lafayette, IN - Lafayette Roofing & Siding

A fresh coat of paint can be just what your home or business needs, to look its best. If you’ve noticed peeling, stained, or damaged paint, commercial painting or residential painting in Lafayette may be just what you need!

At Lafayette Roofing & Siding, we have been providing painting services for both commercial and residential customers in Lafayette for years. We use the highest-quality paints, modern tools, and a thorough, point-by-point painting process to provide you with a totally flawless paint job.

Our Painting Services – No Job Is Too Big (Or Too Small!)

We offer both exterior and interior painting services. We can handle jobs of all sizes. Whether you need commercial painting in Lafayette for a large warehouse or business, or require residential painting to repaint a single room such as a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room, we do it all!

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service throughout all of our painting projects. We will provide you with a comprehensive schedule, and communicate clearly throughout the entire process. We always finish our projects on time – and we do our best to minimize disruption to your family, your customers, or anyone else on your property!

Contact Us Now For A Free Estimate

We offer free estimates for most commercial and residential painting projects. So don’t wait – see why we’re the #1 choice for painting services in all of Lafayette and the surrounding counties!

Contact us online to learn more about our Roofing and General Construction Company and schedule your consultation, or give us a call at 765-588-0113.