Fascia and Soffit In Lafayette

Fascia and Soffit

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Soffit and Fascia installation is essential to the foundation of your roof. While the Soffit is the board below the gutter on a house that is usually seen easily from the street, the Fascia is the board that runs along the bottom of the roof and is responsible for securing the gutter.

The Soffit and the Fascia boards work simultaneously to ensure the lowest ends of the roof tiles have a trustworthy foundation and solid footing. The better these two boards are able to work together, the more support the roof has; which also improves the lifespan of the roof.  We also provide services for Fascia and Soffit in Crawfordsville.

Therefore, when it comes to installation and repair of either gutter element, it is a careful process that should be dealt with by professionals. If the angles are off even a little, the gutter, as well as the foundation of the roof tiles will be ineffective and possibly dangerous.

However, with the certified professionals at Lafayette Roofing & Siding, homeowners never have to worry about the effectiveness of their Soffit and Fascia. Not only do we have the tools and the expertise, we also have significant experience working in the Lafayette community. This allows us to know how each gutter will react, both to the settling of the house, as well as the effect that common weather conditions will have on these boards over time.

We here at Lafayette Roofing & Siding pride ourselves on quick service and accountability. So, don’t settle for mediocre and slow service. If your Fascia and Soffit in Lafayette need an installation or repair, contact us today to receive an estimate.

Fascia and Soffit Replacement
Fascia and Soffit Replacement